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Operational management – Always the best

With our service packages for operational management, we ensure that your energy system remains available continuously and is operated in a highly efficient manner. We monitor the system using remote monitoring, calculate and analyse efficiency indicators and trends and always consider the development of operating costs. We uncover efficiency potentials and develop measures in order to adjust control and system technology or to further improve them. Depending on the request and requirement of our customers, we analyse the system performance and operation even during the year and ensure that you consider the energy costs and that the improvement or maintenance measures are tackled with before unnecessary costs arise.

The heat and cold requirement of a building, tariffs andallowances and last but not the least, the comfort requirements of the users, may change. With our monitoring services, we make this procedure transparent and fitting for the system operation such that the optimal point of operation is used even in case of changed requirements.

Geothermal systems often offer unused potentials which can be enhanced with technical knowledge and appropriate data analysis. Our operational management analyses temperatures, pressures and other key parameters of sources regularly, monitors the groundwater and also implements the official prescribed measurements. This way we ensure that the geothermal energy is utilised to its fullest and a lasting operation is guaranteed.