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Geo-En Energy Technologies is a part of Gasag group

Geo-En Technologies is a part of Gasag group since the spring of this year. We are very pleased to have found a strong partner in the form of the energy company Gasag, in order to further extend our range of offers. We can now offer our customers a significantly broadened portfolio of products: The spectrum ranges from planning, construction to the operational management and now also includes long term financing of facility using a contracting-solution as per requirement.

In future, Geo-En will closely collaborate with Gasag Solutions Plus. In the new subsidiary, Gasag will focus its skills in the area of energy services. This package of skills will now benefit us and also our customers–from several years of experience of Gasag in energy supply to urban districts on the basis of efficient power-heat-coupling.

Geo-En will continue to remain as an independent enterprise. We have completed 20 large-scale plants since our establishment before 10 years. That includes energy facilities for the provision of office buildings, residential buildings and entire districts. The main emphasis of our work will continue to be on the design of innovative energy technology, plant engineering and IT-solutions for decentralized energy facilities. We will also continue to offer these services to our customers separately.

We are pleased that we could persuade a prestigious company like Gasag with our know-how and our products. The takeover of Geo-En by Gasag will open new business opportunities and generate synergies for both the partners. "We can offer additional innovative and renewable energy solutions to our business customers with the help of geothermal energy applications of Geo-En", says Vera Gäde-Butzlaff, Chief Executive Officer of Gasag.

We wish to thank our Venture capital investors, who have reliably supported us for many years.

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Ihr Dr. Nikolaus Meyer



Geo-En is a leading group for heating and cooling generated from renewable sources. We develop, design and build innovative energy systems, which conserve the climate and are economical. We replace fossil energy by geothermal energy, CHP and solar technology. We perform integrated analysis of your building along with our team of engineers, heating system installers and control system technicians, develop precise energy concepts and implement geothermal sources and turnkey hybrid systems.


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