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Geo-En at GET Nord 2016
Our extended range of products and our new service products form the centre of attention of our booth at GET Nord 2016 – the industry event in the North. The fair is from 17th-19th November 2016 in Hamburg. Visit our booth 540 in hall no. B6.

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GeoHybrid: Symbiosis of heat pump and cogeneration unit
The Geo-En GeoHybrid system is a fully integrated heating and cooling system based on geothermal energy. The precise simulation and design of the thermal well system is the prerequisite for supplying the building with hot and cold water throughout the lifetime of the building. The system consists of standardized modules developed by Geo-En. All modules are synchronized to exclude interface conflicts. The Geo-En Energy Manager is the brain of the system: It controls the system, records data, maximizes the renewable energy part, and monitors the thermal processes in the ground. As a result, geothermal energy becomes a reliable energy supplier.

Geo-En at Intersolar from 22nd–24th June 2016
Geo-En will be presenting its enhanced product range in hall B2 of Intersolar.

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CHILLVENTA from 11. - 13.10.2016 in Nuremberg
Find out more about our new products and geothermal energy systems - at CHILLVENTA Nuremberg, where we would be presenting from 11th - 13th October 2016 in hall 4A. Geo-En will be presenting its enhanced product range in hall 4A of CHILLVENTA, the exhibition for the energy efficiency, heat pumps and refrigeration sector: Geo-En hybrid controller connects different power generators of your systems to a smart energy system: Heat pump, cogeneration unit, photovoltaic system and storage. The energy flows from heating, cooling and electricity are optimized in an intelligent manner.

With our service packages for operational management, we ensure that your energy system is continuously available and operated with high efficiency. We monitor the system via remote surveillance and analyze the efficiency ratios. Thereby, we keep a check on the development of operating costs for you.


Excellent climate protection with innovative GeoHybrid system: Geo-En is the“KlimaSchutzPartner des Jahres 2016” [climate protection partner of 2016]
Berlin, 12.04.2016// Theinnovative energy concept for sustainable supply of Berlin’s residential project “Himmel und Erde” [Heaven and Earth] was honoured with the “KlimaSchutzPartner des Jahres 2016” [climate protection partner of 2016] yesterday evening. “We are very proud of this award because the project shows a model of how big buildings in a metropolis like Berlin can be supplied with renewable and sustainable energy “, appreciates Dr.Nikolaus Meyer,CEO of the Berlin-based company, Geo-En ....

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