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Geo-En at Intersolar from 22nd–24th June 2016
Geo-En will be presenting its enhanced product range in hall B2 of Intersolar.

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Excellent climate protection with innovative GeoHybrid system: Geo-En is the“KlimaSchutzPartner des Jahres 2016” [climate protection partner of 2016]
Berlin, 12.04.2016// Theinnovative energy concept for sustainable supply of Berlin’s residential project “Himmel und Erde” [Heaven and Earth] was honoured with the “KlimaSchutzPartner des Jahres 2016” [climate protection partner of 2016] yesterday evening. “We are very proud of this award because the project shows a model of how big buildings in a metropolis like Berlin can be supplied with renewable and sustainable energy “, appreciates Dr.Nikolaus Meyer,CEO of the Berlin-based company, Geo-En ....

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The EN expert forum: Energy-efficient district solutions considering renewable energies on 20.04.2016 in Erfurt

Michael Viernickelspeaking in this event in Erfurt on the topic: Refer to "Planning integrative district concepts under integration of renewable energies”.

New job vacancies in Geo-En
Are you looking for a professional change? Have you completed studies in supply technology, regenerative energy systems or appropriate technical training? Then take a look at our new job offers as TGA planner (TrägergemeinschaftfürAkkreditierung – German Association for Accreditation) for Renewable Energy Systems (m/f).

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Berlin ENERGY DAY 2016

The Berlin ENERGY DAY was celebrated from April 11 – 13in Ludwig Erhard Haus. Geo-Enparticipated twice in this event: You can also visit us in the trade fair “Energie-Impulse” [Energy Impulse]. Michael Viernickelwill be speaking about the theme “Seasonal underground heat storage” at the event “Wärmeneugedacht”[Reimagining energy from heat] on Tuesday,April 12. We highly recommend attending this event.