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The Company

Geo-En plans and builds integral energy supply systems for heating, cooling and electricity. Geo-En systems increase the property value by using renewable heat and cold energies. The hybrid systems of Geo-Encombine heat pumps with cogeneration or solar technology and thus, achieve efficiency targets as well as cost targets. As a powerful source for shallow geothermal energy, Geo-Enhas developed the groundwater circulation well technology. It provides energy ten times that of a conventional probe through the circulation of groundwater and is already known as a patent. For optimal management of geothermal energy systems and hybrid systems, Geo-Enoffers comfortable management and monitoring systems.

Since its establishment in 2007, Geo-En has implemented over 20 large systems, from 50 kW up to 1 MW of heating. The energy systems supply power to office buildings, residential buildings and complete districts. Geo-En follows and manages the systems through a centralised control station.

The 25-member Geo-En team includes heating engineers and control engineers, system planners and system engineers, simulation specialists, geologists andphysicists. They plan system solutions for every proposal, which are adjusted according to the building, usage and the environment, andimplement the system on a turnkey basis. The founder and geothermal energy specialist, Tobias Viernickel lead the enterprise and is developing it to be a leading system provider for renewable heat and cold energies in the medium power range.

Geo-En works in cooperation with the renowned scientific institutions like the Hydrogeology department of Technical University of Berlin in the research &development department.