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Tobias Viernickel

Tobias Viernickel is a specialist for Geothermal energy and Real estate development. Together with Pieter Bots and his brother Michael Viernickel, he founded The Geo-En Energy Technologies GmbH in the year 2007. Earlier he was working as a manager in different construction companies. He has a vast experience of more than 15 years in planning and construction of near-surface geothermal systems.

2007 Foundation of the Geo-En Energy Technologies GmbH
2005 Project management for Geothermal plants in Switzerland
2001 – 2005 Member of Executive board of GEOHIL Erdwärmeanlagenbau AG
1996 Gründung der Solitär Bauträger GmbH
1996-2001 Head of the department- Projectmanagement in the building construction department of the architectural firm ASA Groupe Berlin
1991 Foundation of building construction company TO-MA BAU GmbH Berlin
1989 – 1992 Degree course in Civil engineering
1967 Born in Berlin