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Engineering services – Projects from a single source

Do you wish to renovate your building using energy or plan new construction of a district? Geo-Enaccompanies your project from the potential analysis to the optimisation of the system operation. We observe the energy technology to ensure that it does not get released escape from building and make integral plans accordingly. Our expert engineers work closely with architects, planners andbuilding contractors. Our aspiration is to completely optimise the investments in system technology and building shells.

Thus, Geo-En provides a complete spectrum of engineering and planning services: from the analysis of the object, using the simulation of the building and the system simulation, developing a customised energy concept, planning the energy system and the geothermal energy to the management of the system. Every project is unique and comprises several aspects which must be taken into consideration. Our focus is always on minimising the energy requirement and planning a renewable-energy system which pays off.

Our engineers have the benefit of experience from 25 big systems which Geo-Enhas constricted in the last few years. They have not only planned the system but have also participation in the construction and installation and ensured that the goals were met and the concepts are fruitful. The experiences from this practice flow into the planning for new systems and leads to continuous improvement to the system concepts. This way we go beyond being planning offices solely and maximise the quality.