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Building simulation – for planning reliability and comfort

The thermal and energetic behavior of a building can be precisely calculated with the computer-based building simulation and for this purpose, the broadly accepted software TRNSYS is used. This ensures more planning reliability; the energy system is precisely dimensioned and cost-increasing overdimensioning is avoided.

A digital, three-dimensional building model illustrates the thermodynamic factors, which influence the heating and cooling requirements in the building. This includes structural properties as well as dynamic effects, which permanently change in the course of the day - i.e. the solar radiations or internal loads through goods transport or lighting. We shall define the comfort and temperature requirements for different building sections.

At the same time, we can simulate and evaluate the construction measures for improving the energetic properties of a building. Thus, we can precisely define the planned heating and cooling requirements for every single hour of the year, for existing buildings as well as for new buildings.

Thus, building simulation is the basis for planning precise energy system and the best way to optimize investment costs.