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Energy concepts – For the optimal result in economic and energy terms

Energy concepts of Geo-En always focus on the targets of the builders in view. Our team of engineers, planners, physicists and geologists observes the complete system: From the energetic state of the building shell using the potential of geothermal energy, solar technology or usable waste heat on the location to the behaviour and demands of the users. More importantly, we observe the heating system is not detached from the cold energy and electricity supply of the building. We aspire to optimise energy supply completely. For this purpose, we use the synergies in preparing the various energy forms.

We develop and assess alternative energy concepts for industry, large buildings, areas and networks. For industry operations, we create customised concepts to provide process heat and cold.

You profit from our long-terms experience. As a system builder, we gave built more than 25 large energy systems. This enables our planners and engineers to build their competences. Geo-En does not plan any concepts on a drawing board. We believe that our concepts are 1:1 and stand the test in reality. Planning and construction come to us from a single source. This way we secure energy efficiency, lower operating costs and amortization periods in line with the market requirements.

The system developed by Geo-was an important milestone for our project, the commercial centre in HafenCity, on the way to the gold certification according to the specifications of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH and the DGNB [German Sustainable Building Council].

Frank Geschke, Project Head, DCC

In the urban area, geothermal energy mostly comes into consideration as an efficient regenerative energy supply. Thermal groundwater usage, especially using vertical circulation, is an optimal solution here considering the low space requirement, the good efficiency level and the capital expenditure.

Wilfried Boysen, Hochtief AG/Energy Management

Thermal usage of groundwater using vertical circulation offers enormous potential when heating and cooling for environmental benefits in case of no space requirement and economic efficiency without subsidies.

Ralph Schneider, B4-Plan GmbH/CEO

The Geo-En system has been functioning smoothly for the past 3 years. The energy monitoring has shown that the system is more efficient than imagined. In our next project, we will definitely consider using a geothermal system from Geo-Enas you always put forward your good horse even for the second time in a race.

Frank Geschke, Project Head, DCCommercial