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Geothermal energy planning –For optimal results

Geo-En systems utilise geothermal energy sources optimally– sustainable and for several decades. Thus, we plan and conceptualise every system individually and suited to the location. You profit from our long-term experience in planning and realising large geothermal systems for industry and habitation.

Geo-En avails the knowhow to build the most diverse systems – from probe fields to ground water circulation systems. This is because different locations and user profiles require different geothermal technologies. For every new proposition, we first analyse the load profile and check the hydrogeological data to be able to estimate the geothermal potential. In case of a positive result of this preliminary test, we recommend further preliminary investigations. This may include exploratory drilling for groundwater and ground analyses or even thermal response tests in order to confirm the thermal conductivity of the geological layers of the location. We use the numerical and analytical simulation procedure to be able to recreate and predict the temperature development in the geothermal energy source and underground.

Naturally, we supervise the complete application and authorization procedure and deliver the complete relevant documents andinformation.

On the basis of our analysesand plans, we select the geothermal technology anddesign the system. Risks in the further constructions and operation of the geothermal system is minimised in this manner. We have expertise to help obtain heat and cold energies from groundwater in a highly efficient manner. Groundwater circulation systems like the groundwater circulation well enable very high outputs and also tolerate large cooling loads. The Geo-Engroundwater circulation well– a Geo-En innovation which we have using since the last few years– performs as much as ten borehole heat exchangers through a single borehole.

The focus of our geothermal energy planning is durability and supreme quality. Therefore, Geo-En geothermal energy systems have been long-lasting for the past decade and continue to be considered the seasonal storage of heat and cold energies.