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Object analysis – because every project is special

Be it industries, buildings or a complete urban quarter:
An individual and comprehensive object analysis isthe starting point of every Geo-En plan:

  • How much heat energy, cold energy, electricityand domestic hot water are required? How can the requirement be developed specifically?
  • Which synergies can we create by preparing warm and cold energies and electricity? For example, excess heat in a system can be stored temporarily in the summer in the geothermal form and can be used for heating in the winter.
  • Which sources of heat can be used? In this regard, we not only examine the geothermal potential of the location but also the complete environmental heat sources. This also includes waste heat from industry and waste water or the environmental heat from the air or running water.
  • Which supply networks are connected and can be used?
  • Most importantly: Which targets and priorities do you have as an owner or a user?

On the basis of these analyses, we have worked out various solutions which were individually customized according to the energy requirement of your project, the location and the environmental conditions. We can then deliver the fundamentals on time in order to help you make well- informed decisions. Our target is optimised cost and energy efficiency.