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Planning – Energy solutions from a single source

Planning an energy and cost-efficient system is the first step to a long-lasting energy supply. Technical plans of Geo-Enare not created on the “drawing board”, but are developed based on past experiences which Geo-En has gained from building and operating systems. We consider planning to include system construction which is synonymous with system building. Thus, we offer planning and constructions from a single source.
We plan the complete energy system for your object. If desired, we also provide this as a service, apart from the system construction. Our unique selling point is the competence is in combining the fields of hybrid systems, renewable and conventional energies, utilising energy storages and gaining synergies from heat and cold energies as well as electricity. We are specialists in geothermal energy, heat pumps, cogeneration and solar technology and project the ideal solution for every project. Our engineers plan different units, hydraulics andelectronics, sensor systems and regulation as well as assembly in the heating room. Intelligent system planning ensures that the quality of the energy system fulfils the exacting standards and the amortization period makes the investment attractive.