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System simulation – For tailor-made system solutions

Every Geo-Ensystem is unique and is planned individually. We use computer-supported system simulations to achieve the optimum result: highest energy efficiency for the lowest possible investment and operating costs.

With the system simulation we calculate how the energy generation is composed and in what quantities energy is stored. Currently, in case of systems which combine several energy producers or which generate heat energy, cold energy and electricity, the system simulation is a decisive tool. Thus, the individual components can be designed ideally and the storage can be managed optimally. In addition to this, we test and optimise the regulation algorithms using the system simulation– a major step for building the system control later on.

We compare various system solutions in economic and energy terms. For example, we compare the future annual operating costs of various variants.

Several kinds of software solutions are available for system simulation available for selection depending on the project and application. We can efficiently illustrate and assess the most different types of systems from local district heating system to the bivalent heating.