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Sources and systems for renewable heat and cold energies

Be it for industries, large residential properties or complete urban quarters: We offer highly efficient geothermal energy sources which deliver geothermal heat and cold reliably and safely to you. Our energy systems deliver climate-friendly and cost-effective heat and cold energies and electricity. For this purpose, we combine our geothermal energy sources intelligently in system solutions and combine them with heat pumps, CHPs or solar systems.

Geo-En is most experienced provider for groundwater geothermal energy in the German market. The groundwater circulation well developed and patented by us offer maximum efficiency andservice in the smallest space. For locations without powerful aquifers, we offer high-performance probe fields. We even design this such that the geothermal energy is used as seasonal storage: our geothermal energy sources deliver cold energy in the summer and the saved warmth of the summer in the winter. Our control system guarantees that extraction of heat and heat input are balanced and thus our geothermal energy systems can be used over a decade.

Our system solutions such as GeoSave, GeoHybrid and GeoPV are constructed and are approved- all components are perfectly coordinated. The standardisation of systems enables us attractive prices and short amortisation periods. In case of innovative projects or renovations, we also offer individually planned special solutions. To supply renewable heat and cold energy to urban quarters, we plan and realise innovative local heating networks which enables feeding and using renewable energy.

Near-surface geothermal energy is the key for a reliable future andenvironment-friendly supply using heat and cold energies. Geothermal energy reduces the operating costs and CO2 emissions alike. Air-conditioning systems are unnecessary with geothermal energy because geothermal energy cools office spaces, production facilities or keeps apartments emissions-free and virtually at no cost. Geothermal energy is renewable energy which can also be implemented according to the most comprehensive energy building standards. The latest legal specifications like the amended EnEV 2016 are also considered when using geothermal energy.