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GeoHybrid: Powerful and sustainable

GeoHybrid combines the acquisition of geothermal heat and cold energies with highly-efficient cogeneration. The multivalent energy system, GeoHybrid, utilises the synergies of generating heat and cold energies as well as electricity to the best possible extent and offers an optimum economical and energy-efficient output.

A heat pump and a CHP work in the system synchronously. The CHP covers the power requirement of the heat pump and can, if desired, provide energy to other electricity consumers. In addition to this, it prepares high-temperature heat and thus supplies energy to ventilation systems or domestic hot water systems. The heat pump delivers heat in the medium temperature range, for example, for surface heating systems or pre-heating domestic hot water. This way the heat pump and the CHP cover up to 95 percent of the heat requirement. On extremely cold days, a gas-condensing boiler is switched on to cover the peak load.

Your benefits:

  • Annual costs of generating heat are typically half of that for district heating for every kilowatt hour.
  • The integrated geothermal system also delivers climate-neutral cooling in the summer to cool the building at virtually no cost. Thus, cooling systems could be avoided owing to passive cooling.
  • The heat pump feeds geothermal heat into the system. The usage of renewable energy increases the property value and leads to a significantly better efficiency grade in the energy certification than it would achieve in simple CHP systems, condensing boilers and district heat provider.

The integrated Geo-En Energy Manager controls the system, creates key data and monitors the thermal procedures in the ground. The control system ensures that the maximum possible geothermal heat and cold energies are obtained from the renewable energy sources. It supplies energy through the efficient metering of producers and an intelligent storage management in order to minimise operating costs.

TheGeoHybrid system is extremely powerful and flexible. It can be adjusted to various kinds of requirement profiles. Our engineers are available to make you a tailor-made offer.

More information about the GeoHybrid system is available in our reference pages and on the product information sheet of GeoHybrid (pdf).

GeoHybrid in the
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