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GeoPV: Geothermal heat in the winter, solar energy in the summer

The GeoPV system solution is marked by an especially high share of renewable energy in acquiring heat and cold energies. In addition to the geothermal heat, the GeoPV system integrates energy from the sun. Thus, the system uses renewable energy in every season only to that extent as is most suitable and available.

The solar radiation is collected through absorbers, collectors or air heat exchangers and is used thermally. However, even PVmodules convert this radiation into electricity which is used to operate the heat pump and circulation pumps. Even solar hybrid solutions which deliver heat and electricity can be integrated in the system. The remaining part of the system corresponds to the GeoSavesystem and includes a heat pump with geothermal energy sources.

Your benefits:

  • The primary energy requirement of the GeoPVsystem s again reduced like GeoSave unlike a grid-connected heat pump system. Thus, GeoPVis the ideal solution for low-energy or passive-energy houses (refer to sample project here).
  • Self-manufactured PVelectricity includes the capital costs and is more economical than mains supply. With the right design, GeoPVlowers the operating costs of heat pumps and circulation pumps.
  • GeoPV only requires small roof surfaces for photovoltaics because the electricity is quite efficiently converted into heat and cold energies. In case of cooling trap, over kilowatt hours of cold energy is obtained from one kilowatt hour of electricity. As only one circulation pump must be powered for passive cooling, a cooling system is not required.
  • Solar heat– intercepted in the summer – can be directly used for preparing domestic hot water (refer to a sample project here). Excess heat is saved in the geothermal energy system and if required even up to the next winter. Thus, the solar energy system relieves the geothermal energy system and reduces the amortisation time of the system.

GeoPV is marked by an intelligent control system. It assesses the real and estimated values of the solar radiation and of the energy requirement and analyses the changing status of the geothermal energy and of the other storages. Regulation algorithms ensure that saving, generation and consumption of energy is ideally managed and the highest possible share of the electricity or heat requirement can be fulfilled by solar energy.

For more information on the GeoPV system, refer to the product sheet of GeoPV (pdf).

GeoPV in the residential and industrial building
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