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GeoSave–Climate-friendly heat and cold energies

TheGeoSavesystem solution maximizes the usage of geothermal cooling and heating and allows minimal primary energy consumption.

As a dominating energy source and storage, GeoSaveis a high-performance geothermal system. Cool air is transferred to the user through a heat exchanger and a heat pump delivers warm water. It can integrate an additional condensing boiler which covers the topmost heat requirement and shortens the amortisation time of the investment.

The intelligent head of the system is the Geo-En Energy Manager: it controls the system, compiles key data and monitors thermal procedures underground. Thus, we ensure that the system can work reliably for decades and that the geothermal sources can be utilised to their fullest capacity.

Your benefits:

  • No other system can be as economical and climate-friendly as GeoSave: Water or brine obtains cool energy from the ground in summer and makes it available to panel cooling system. This way approximately twenty kilowatt hours of cooling can be obtained from one kilowatt-hour of electricity.
  • When generating heat, GeoSave achieves a primary energy factor of approx. 0.45. It has obtained the A+ efficiency grade in the energy certification. It obtains three-fourth of the heat energy in a climate-neutral manner from powerful geothermal sources –be it groundwater circulation wells or probe fields.
  • Geo-En offers you a turnkey energy system: We design the heat pumps in a highly efficient manner and adjust it to the geothermal sources and to the user profile. Our construction team ensures the quality ofcomponents builds a compact hydraulics system and regulates the system.

Our planners integrate GeoSaveeven as a module in bigger systems which other generators use. GeoSave can then focus on the cooling and heating circles which can be operated quite efficiently and economically. Thus, GeoSave, as an ideal module, offers to supply floor heating and cooling ceilings in offices, even if the ventilation system of the object is operated with conventional technology. You can find a reference here.

More information about GeoSave system is available on our reference periods and on the product information sheet, GeoSave (pdf).

GeoSave in the Haus der Technologie [House of Technology] in Schwedt