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Active probe – High-tech underground

As a special form of the groundwater circulation well, the active probe developed by Geo-En is offered for particularly sensitive areas. As the groundwater is not directed to the like the groundwater circulation well to the surface and to the heat pump in an active probe, but instead flows through a heat exchanger which is countersunk in the borehole. Thus, the groundwater circulates outside in the well system and never leaves the ground. A heat exchanger and heat pump combines a closed intermediate circuit.

Thus, the active probe ispredestined for locations where there are surface pollution or leakage risks.  Like all Geo-Engroundwater systems, the active probe has ten times the energy yield per borehole as compared to the classical probe technology. For example, the Geo-En active probe has delivered a high performance in one of the German Sustainable Building Council with gold-certified office and commercial spaces in the Hamburger HafenCity. Three Geo-En active probes as well as a heat pump cascade convert the base-load requirement for heating and cooling.

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has promoted the development of the active probe by Geo-En.

Warm groundwater is pumped up through a lower filter to a heat exchanger of an active probe. There is gives off heat. The cooled water is pulsed through the upper filter back under ground and thus receives thermal energy again.


Less space, high performance: Various integrated sources can be used to also supply large projects with geothermal energy.

Structure of the
heat exchanger of an
active probe of the
Hafen-City project