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Dublette – Hocheffiziente Energiegewinnung aus dem Grundwasser

Like angroundwater circulation well, a two-well system uses groundwater a heat source. It is mostly suited in case of small aquifers which do not allowbuilding thegroundwater circulation well. The two-well system uses two well systems: one suction well for extracting groundwater and one injection well for refeeding. Unlike the groundwater circulation well, the groundwater circulates horizontally in this solution. In case of a sufficiently large distance between the suction well and injection well, the two-well system delivers high performances and easily replaces ten borehole heat exchanges. At locations with high iron content in the groundwater, it can be used in combination with a deferrisation system.

For example, Geo-En has built a very high performing two-well system in Dresden. A Gründerzeit house with 12 residential units is supplied with energy using a two-well system. The low space requirement of a two-well system is decisive as compared to the probe field: suction andinjection wells have been built in the patio of the old building.

A two-well system supports groundwater (see image on the left) through a suction well, uses it thermally and directs it through the second well back into the aquifer (image on the right).

A single two-well system can supply enough geothermal heating and cooling to a big industrial structure.

Simulation of the ground temperature from Braak