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Environmental heat for library building in South Korea

Public library in Ansung

Library building with approx. 1500m² floor space
Completed in: 2009

Geo-En service

Planning, component delivery, building inspection and management

GeoSave energy system

Heat pumps, bedrock probes, condensing gas boilers

220 kW heating, 168 kW cooling

Geo-En has designed and implemented a ground source heat pump system for a library building in Ansung, South Korea. Two 500 m deep bedrock boreholeswere sunk and fitted with a hydraulic system which enables water circulation in the borehole. Due to the water circulation in the bedrock, an ideal thermal connection to the underground temperature was established. The large water volume also acted as the buffer to be to manage the peaks of the cooling requirements. The heat pump can be operated in the reverse manner to also act as cooling system in order to provide cooling to the building efficiently. It then acts as a cooling system. In the cooling operation, heat must not be released in the hot ambient air but to the cool underground. This way the electricity requirement for cooling is almost reduced by half. Moreover, heat in the ground is transported and saved there for the winter. Geo-En has planned and designed this system. The components have been manufactured in Germany. Geo-En engineers monitored the construction of the system on site and then put the system into operation.