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Groundwater circulation well in the monument

Old-building renovation of a listed urban villa in Berlin

700 m² residential area + 330 m² commercial area
Completed in: 2007

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoSave energy system

Heat pump, condensing gas boiler
90 kW heating, 30 kW cooling

The Villa Hubertusallee in Berlin-Zehlendorf is listed. During renovation the façade insulation was not considered according to today’s modern standard. Nevertheless, in order to able to heat the building in a climate-friendly manner at a low-temperature heating, the Villa was fitted with panel heating in the walls and floors. The same systems were used in the summer for cooling. As a geothermal energy source, Geo-En built angroundwater circulation well: Groundwater was circulated through a single borehole which was used in the winter as a heating source and in summer for passive cooling. This way the 10°C-warmgroundwater could be cooled and heated at lower degrees as per the change of season. In extreme frost periods, the heat pump is supported by the condensing gas boiler. Thus, an optimum level of economic and energy efficiency could be achieved.