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Low costs for cooling machines and buildings

Administrative headquarters andproduction of a plant manufacturer in Fürstenfeldbruck

16,000 m² floor space
Completed in: 2009

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoSave energy system

Heat pump, 3 suction-injection-wells (two-well system)
927 kW heating, 900 kW cooling

The heating system is made of three redundant two-level systems having a heating capacity of 309 kW at a time, which together enable a six-level power adjustment according to the heat loading profile. High-efficiency heat pumps are used, which are equipped with steel heat exchangers, electronic expansion valves, a PLC control system with a visualisation and remote access module. Three suction-injection wells (two-well system) function as energy sources. The suitable geology in the greater area of Munich enables the unusually high performance of every two-well system. The very porous aquifer is used to extract cold energy in summer and heat energy in winter from the rapidly flowing groundwater. Geothermal passive cooling us used, which significantly curtails the high costs often incurred on cooling machines and buildings.