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Green office building in Hafencity

Office complex in Hamburg’s HafenCity

13,500 m² office space, retail sector, gastronomy

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoSave energy system

Basic load: heat pump, 3 active probes; Peak load: district heating, cooling system
Total: 450 kW heating, 570 kW cooling; GeoSave: 170 kW heating, 90 kW cooling

The highly modern office and commercial space in Hamburg’s HafenCity fulfils the highest efficiency standards and has been certified with DGNB-Gold. Three active probes and one heat pump cascade cover the basic load requirement of heating and cooling and thus is ideally utilised to its capacity. Any requirement peaks exceeding this area managed using district heating and compression cooling. Thus, operating costs and capital expenditure are optimised. The technology of the active probe enables groundwater to be pumped only in to one heat exchanger hidden in a borehole before it is refed in the aquifer through the attached coaxial outer pipe. The groundwater does not escape the ground at any point of time and circulates under the floor panels of the building.


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