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2,500 borehole heat exchangers for a research and technology park in China

Xi'an Jiaotong University Science and Technology Park, Jiyuan

175,000 m²
To be completed in: 2017

Geo-En PV

Geothermal simulation

GeoSave energy system

Heat pump cascade, 2500 borehole heat exchangers, other assemblies for covering peak loads, PV system
9 MW heating, 19.5 MW cooling

A new research and technology park in Jiyuan (Henan province) is going to be supplied with environmental energy through a field of 2,500 borehole heat exchangers. Heat pumps are used for heating and –in the reversed operation –for cooling. Geothermal energy systems of this size are not a new in China as China is the biggest consumer of shallow geothermal energy worldwide. In order to correctly design the planned system and utilising it to the fullest extent, Geo-Enhas determined the heating and cooling load profile and has implemented a geothermal simulation. The design parameters of the probes and of the heat pumps, which are required for a sustainable operation of the system and ensure that the ground neither heats up nor cools down over the years, are determined accordingly. To help the heat pumps supply economical and climate-friendly energy, Geo-Enhas designed and delivered a PV-unitto design and regulate the system components correctly.