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Building simulation for a warehouse

Office and logistics hall in Pinneberg district:

5,000 m² office space, 7,500 m² logistics space
Completed in: 2014

Geo-En service

Dynamic building simulation & preliminary planning of the energy system

GeoPV energy system

Heat exchanger for heat recovery, heat pump, condensing gas boiler, PV system
650 kW heating

Geo-En has implemented a dynamic building simulation fora planned logistics hall with an artificial office in Schleswig-Holstein. For this purpose, the building was designed as a computer model, which determines local climate data andcreates the expected usage profile of the property. The heating load is calculated on this basis for every hour of the year and for every building part. In every variation calculation, it was determined how the selection of the door system and the minimum temperature in the hall affect the energy requirement. In the result, the heating requirement could be reduced by 30%. Geo-Enhas done the preliminary planning of energy system on the basis of a precisely determined heating load. The planned hybrid system uses the excess heat from the neighbouring production site and from a large PV system for preparing solar power. A condensing gas boiler has been planned to cover the peak loads and to secure redundant power supply. Unlike a monovalent power supply with a condensing gas boiler, the operating costs have been reduced by 50% and an amortisation period of the investment of only five years can be achieved.