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Future-oriented in usage and energy concept

Haus der Bildung und Technologie [house of education and technology], Schwedt

1,200 m² office space
Completed in: 2012

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoSave energy system

Heat pump, 2 groundwater circulation wells
76 kW heating

The school building erected in the 1964/65 demonstrates the energy-related renovation options and a future-oriented utilisation concept. The building is a three-storied masonry construction which is now used as an adult education centre, a technology and start-up centre and regional educational institutions. The monovalent heat generation plants comprise two Geo-En groundwater circulation wells, one heat pump and one boiler. The groundwater circulation well uses a coaxial system to extract groundwater through a borehole and to refeed it later. The heat pump extracts heat from the groundwater and leads it to the heating system. The high performance of the groundwater circulation well enables monovalent energy supply to the building using only two groundwater circulation wells. The exceptionally high groundwater temperature at the Schwedt location of approximately 12 degrees enables the highly efficient operation of the heat pump. Since its commissioning in 2012, the system has achieveda performance factor of four every year- and at a flow temperature of the heating system of approximately 45 degrees.


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