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Powerful technology in the loft

GrussankHöfe[Grussank sectors] in Berlin-Friedrichshain

39 old apartments and 32 lofts, 5500 m²
Completed in: 2010

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoSave Energy System

Heat pump, groundwater circulation well, district heating
Total: 400 kW heating; GeoSave: 30 kW

The building ensemble erected by Heinrich Grussankfrom 1897 to 1899 was renovated in 2009. 39 lofts have been built in the former factory and there are 39 old apartments in a Gründerzeit residential building. A heat pump covers the basic load requirement of the floor heating and the remaining heating requirement is fulfilled by district heating. As geothermal boreholes could only be sunk in a narrow second backyard of this area, a powerful source technology was required for using geothermal heat. The Geo-Engroundwater circulation well lets the groundwater circulate through the heat pump which extracts this energy and is used as a source of environmental energy. A large thermal volume is linked underground by direct groundwater usage and the groundwater circulation well delivers a performance which is well beyond that through a borehole heat exchanger. In addition this, both wells are combined to extract from and refeed groundwater in to a borehole.  Thus, we could generate energy of over 30 kW using a single borehole and fulfil the heating requirements.


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