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Model for the urban energy transition

Row of residential houses in Berlin-Pankow

70 apartments, 8,700 m² floor space
Completed in: 2015

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoHybrid energy system

Heat pump, CHP, probe field, solar absorber, peak-load gas boiler
450 kW heating, 80 kW cooling

Besides geothermal heat, the system uses solar radiation as an energy source. Solar thermal absorbers on the roof deliver heat in the summer, which is used to thermal charging of borehole heat exchangers. The geothermal energy system is thus used as seasonal storage of solar energy. In winter, the heat pump uses the energy of the borehole heat exchanger for heating. A cogeneration heating plant (CHP) functions as the second heat producer. A heat pump and a CHP divide the heating load. The power form the CHP is used for operating the heat pump. This way the hybrid system is beneficial due to high energy efficiency and excellent cost effectiveness.

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