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GeoHybrid – Worth it even in smaller objects

Residential complex in Berlin-Weissensee

4,700 m² heated surface
Completed in: 2015

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoHybrid energy system

Heat pump, probe field, cogeneration plant
177 kW heating

The Geo-Enhybrid systemcomprising geothermal energy, a heat pump and a CHP is used in Berlin’s new construction project, Sandinohöfe. The system has been implemented in spite of the small size of this property –an indication that hybrid systems can even counted on even in a range less than 200 kW.  CHP power and not the mains supply is used to operate the heat pump; the heat pump injects geothermal heat in the system and generates approximately four units of heat from one unit of electricity. In extreme frost periods, the heat pump and CHP are supported by a condensing gas boiler. This way an optimal result is obtained in terms of cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.


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