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Highest efficiency with the cold network

Residential area in Berlin-Zehlendorf

22 houses, 135 apartments, 21,000 m² floor space
Completed in: 2016

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoHybrid energy system with cold local district heating system

Heat pump, CHP, gas boiler, probe field, solar absorber, heating network, underground heat pumpcontainer

The new area is developed using a cold heating network (Low-Ex). The temperature in the network is at approximately 10 degrees so that no heat is wasted and no expensive pipe insulation is required. Geothermal heat and cold energies are fed into the water through a probe field. The buildings are supplied cold energy for cooling through the network in a highly efficient manner without having to use electricity-intensive compression cooling systems (passive cooling). Set decentralised heat pumps extract heat from the network and supply heat energy to the houses. In order to look after the usable spaces of the residents, underground heating stations have been developed where the heat pumps are set. A CHP takes over the power supply of the heat pumps, which also supplies heat to the neighbouring houses. The concept is to optimise to achieve maximum energy efficiency and minimum heat production costs. By linking the consumers, the system capacity is lesser than that in a decentralised solution. Heat and cold energies can be fed and extracted from the network irrespective of the location of the producer and extractor.

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