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Efficient shopping in Kiev

Shopping mall with artificial high-rise apartment buildings

76,000 m² office space, retail industry, gastronomy
Completed in: 2017

Geo-En service

Dynamic building simulation

Energieanlage - Fremdanlage

Gas boilers, cooling systems, heat pumps
5.4 MW heating, 3.6 MW cooling

In Kiev the construction of a large shoppingcentreis planned with a swimming pool and three artificial residential towers. The builder expects a high energy efficiency standard and has therefore contracted Geo-Ento meet the energy requirement precisely and assess the energy variants. In addition to this, it needs to be determined in which periods of the year heating and cooling is required simultaneously so that the excess heat from the cold energy supply can be used to prepare domestic hot water. Geo-En has in the first step created a digital three-dimensional building model from the architects’ plans, which reproduces the thermodynamic processes within the building and the environmental conditions. This way the ever-changing radiation and loads have been observed based on the public traffic and the swimming pool. In the next step, the comfort and temperature requirements for individual rooms have been determined. With the help of a numerical simulation using the TRNSYS software, it has been determined for every hour of the year when heating and cooling is required in order to fulfil these requirements. It could even be assessed which energy effects are seen on alternative building structures and how they are affected by extreme and moderate climate conditions. Thus, the building simulation has delivered the planners the decisive information to help them design and regulate the system components correctly.