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Future-oriented in usage and energy concept

Multi-family house in southern Berlin

6 residential units, approx. 600 m²
Completed in: 2008

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoSave energy system

Heat pump, groundwater circulation well
31 kW heating

31 kW heatingThemulti-family house is equipped with a powerful groundwater circulation well so that the heat can be supplied monovalently using a single heat pump. The groundwater circulation well delivers groundwater at a temperature of over 10 degrees such that the heat pump can be operated in a highly efficient manner –more efficient than it would if it were had to work with wintry cold ambient air. The heat pump converts every kilowatt hour of an actuating current into in 3-4 kilowatt hours of heat. The primary energy requirement is thus at a minimal level and reduces further due to the ever increasing share of renewable energy in the power grid.