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Future-oriented in usage and energy concept

Multi-family house in Dresden

1.266 m² Gründerzeithaus, Dresden
Completed in: 2008

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoSave energy system

Heat pump, gas boiler, two-well system
90 kW heating

The Gründerzeithaus in the inner city of Dresden comprises 12 residential units and one coach house with a small commercial unit. It supplies heat energy through a suction-injection well (two-well system) and a heat pump. The groundwater solution allows the owners to achieve this for a long-term period and at economical operating costs. Suction wells and injection wells were located in the courtyard of the old building. Extensive radiators were built in the apartments such that heating could be done with at low inlet temperatures. The project is a model for how heat pumps can be suitably used and how even existing properties can achieve an outstanding degree of energy efficiency.