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Living with renewable heating energy

Summer house in Strausberg

17 apartments + offices, 1,600 m²
Completed in: 2014


Planning, construction and management

GeoPV energy system

Heat pump, 63 m³ hot water tank, groundwater circulation well, 200 m2 solar collectors
60 kW heating, 14 kW cooling

The system integrates a large solar thermal system with a geothermal energy system. In summer solar energy is obtained and stored in a large tank divided in (2 x 31,5 m3) various levels (refer to the photo of the construction phase below). As soon as the heating storage is exhausted or solar radiation is no longer sufficient, then the geothermal energy system takes its place and delivers the necessary heat. The intelligent regulation enables an optimal cooperation of solar and geothermal energies and consequently the highest possible degree of efficiency.  The Geo-Engroundwater circulation well is implemented as a source of geothermal energy. The groundwater circulation wellcirculates groundwater through a single borehole which uses heheat pump as a primary energy source. The groundwater circulation welldelivers the best performance through groundwater usage and replaces almost ten borehole heat exchangers.


Image from the construction phase with both the 31.5 m³ storages in the building interiors