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Highly Efficient Groundwater Circulation Well

Multi-family house with commercial spaces in Wittenberge

15 residential units and 1 commercial unit on 1820 m²
Completed in: 2009

Geo-En service

Planning, construction and management

GeoSave energy system

Heat pump, 2 groundwater circulation wells
72 kW heating

The object comprises residential units, commercial spaces and garages for residents to parking their vehicles. The heat pump system provides energy for heating and domestic hot water monovalently. The hot water tanks are fitted with electrical heating rods for temporary heating over 65°C. Two 98-meter deep groundwater circulation wells are used as an environmental energy source: Every groundwater circulation well connects a suction well and an injection well in a single borehole. At the foot of the borehole, groundwater is removed and pumped into the heat pump. The water which flows back is redirected in an approximately twenty-meter high layer in the aquifer. This way the same energy quantity can be obtained from a borehole as from ten borehole heat exchangers.