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System construction – Integrated solutions of the highest quality

Geo-En is a leading provider of energy systems on the basis of surface geothermal energy. We combine the competence of all required industries for construction to make it especially efficient and building climate-friendly energy plants for heating and cooling. For existing and new constructions.From the construction to installation and commissioning.

In system construction, we integrate high-quality components into a highly efficient energy system. For the Geo-En hybrid systems, we combine several intelligent generators in one unit.  Our team of engineers and heating engineers realises complex hydraulics and reliable control systems. We offer software and hardware solutions for fully automatized operation of complex energy systems and tailor-made maintenance packages. Geo-En builds appropriate standardised systems and special systems which are planned and implemented individually.

TheGeo-En system construction is specialised in the central energy supply unit of your object. We are available at the construction site for strict project management as well as cooperative and reliable work. We aspire to be a reliable partner to you and deliver the highest quality of services.