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Assembly – Knowing where it starts

The Geo-Enheating engineers and electricians are specialists in the installation of highly complex hybrid systems. These systems are fitted with tool and the device to install the materials like steel pipes, building switchboards and to integrate large components. A small car pool enables us to use the necessary transport options and allows quick insets and interventions.

With modern planning tools like 3D assembly planning, we ensure precise hydraulics and assembly technology even in the narrowest space. When building the geothermal heat sources, special knowledge is required: our employees have experience from construction and developing several wells. With their knowledge and experience, they ensure that the geothermal energy sources are operated efficiently and sustainably.

Our heating engineers work hand in hand with our system engineers, geologists and project managers. Thus, we ensure high quality and professional project management. As we always focus on the assembly of the power stations, we have gained competence and experiences here which go beyond knowing about normal heating unit.

You benefit from our practical expertise and from our team of fitters, engineers and project managers.

Installation work at the Berlin-Zehlendorf location, HafenCity in Hamburg and Soltecture, Berlin