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Controlling – For minimal costs and maximum efficiency

The Geo - En Energy Manager connects the different energy producers such as heat pumps, cogeneration or photovoltaic system as well as consumers and storage to a smart energy system. An intelligent control system is required for individual components of a complex energy system to work together. The energy manager controls the system, compiles key data, maximizing the share of renewables and monitors the thermal processes in the ground at the same time.

The energy flows of heat and cold energies and electricity are optimised in an intelligent manner. The potentials of thermal storages –from geothermal energy using ice storage or activated components – can also be utilised to the fullest extent.

How this works, is seen in the project “Heaven and Earth” in Berlin: Here comprehensive measuring data are created in an automated manner and assessed in the minute cycle. On the basis of the data, continuous heat balancing is done, which enables the monitoring and regulation of two (short-term) buffer storages and of the seasonal geothermal storage. The main target of the short-term heat balancing is to enable the longest possible total runtime of the hybrid from the CHP and heat pump. Maintenance and operating costs are thus minimised and the service life of components is maximised.

Based on the seasonal balancing, the intelligent control system of Geo-Enalso ensures that the annual energy balance of the underground storage tank is balanced and that it is optimally preconditioned for the current location and seasonal operating status. Heat, which was obtained from the earth in winter for heating, is fed back again in the summer: on one hand, through the waste heat from the building’s cooling system and on the other hand, from the regenerative heat from solar absorbers. This way geothermal energy acts as seasonal energy storage.