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Hydraulics – Full utilisation of potential

Hybrid systems, which integrate geothermal energy, solar-thermal absorbers anda CHP, fulfil high demands of hydraulics and regulation. Our hydraulic systems utilise the potentials of the different heat sources efficiently and work with different temperature levels. Generators, consumers and storages are connected intelligently in a complete system. For this purpose, we harmonise hydraulics andsystem control optimally. Thus, we can ensure that Geo-En systems can always be operated in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our heating engineers are specialists for comprehensive structure of the heating room. They realise the complete hydraulics of the power station. Pre-assembled construction groups help us to save costs and shorten the construction period. Thus, we have specially developed highly compact hydraulics modules for underground power stations that can be introduced through simple manual openings of underground containers.
We aspire to build complex hydraulics in a compact manner and to implement the planning precisely and fulfil highest quality standards. We invite you to visit our systems.