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Use renewable energy from heat to fulfil the EnEV and protect the climate.

Whether from the earth or from the sun– renewable energy from heat and cold energies isCO2-neutral and fulfils the ever-demanding building standards.

Futuristic energy technology increases the real estate value and reduces the operating costs.

Tenants and buyers assess real estate based on best marks in the energy certification higher than objects with high energy consumption. The intelligent-design systems of Geo-En have cut down the current costs of energy consumption by 50%. Investments in energy technology pay off and open up attractive financing options.

Geothermal energy offers cold energy free of cost for comfortable working and living.

Geo-Enhas been building efficient geothermal energy systems which provide cooling in summer and warmth in winter since 2007. The Geo-Engroundwater circulation well circulates ground water through a single borehole and supplies energy to big objects in a highly efficient manner.

Geo-En plans, builds and monitors hybrid plans –reliable and from a single source.

Geo-En plans and simulates your energy system and undertakes turnkey construction with specialised professionals. We believe that concepts are turned intorealityand even realise complexhybrid systems which combine renewable and conventional energy, use up energy storage and earn synergies from generating heat, cold and electrical energy. Our monitoring andcontrol systems automatize the operation of hybrid systems and visualise costs and indicators.